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Kids in Preschool

For Parents of Preschoolers

Preschoolers are in a unique age between toddler and school age.
Let's explore their world together through these top concerns amount parents.

What is a preschooler

Preschool-age children are from ages 3 years to 5 years. Some may even consider 30 months or 2.5 years preschool-age depending on school and daycare legislation 

Speech Development

What is age-appropriate speech for ages 3 to 5? Do I need a speech therapist? What are the red flags and how do I get a screening? Get the checklist for speech, and resources local to you.

Is this normal?

On-Going Potty Training

Help! My preschooler isn't potty trained yet. Is this normal? Let's discuss the ages and stages of potty training, what's normal, whats pushed too soon by schools, and when should a health care professional be involved


At what age should my child be able to peddle a trike, write their own name, or climb the monkey bars? What about tying their own shoes, or dressing by themselves? Preschoolers have a range of development milestones they accomplish these years. Let's take a look together. 


My preschooler does not like to share. How can I "make them" share toys with other kids? Learn about age-appropriate play and how to help your preschooler along

Kindergarten Readiness

My child is going to Kindergarten next year, how do I know they are ready? What skills do they need to know? Let's discuss preschools that match your child's temperament and how you can bring learning home for optimal kindergarten readiness. 

While learning about these common preschool traits and many more, it's important to learn and work on our own triggers as parents. Often times when we become parent our own childhood traumas, or anxieties can surface. This is a safe place to learn and work through these feelings and gain skills to overcome them.


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