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Kid Painting

For Parents of Toddlers

Toddlers are a wonder in their own right. Working with Miss Sally to create solutions to these and many other toddler challenges.

What is a toddler?

Toddlers are the ages between 12 months and 3 years old. This section will cover the development of children in this age group. 

Potty Training

One of the biggest quests during the toddler years is potty training. With Miss Sally, you will learn the various methods that fit your family's needs. Including elimination communication, routine building, sticker charts, the biology of potty training, and red flags to keep an eye on.

Ages and Stages

Are you curious, is this behavior age-appropriate for your toddler? When will this phase end? Why do they dump the toys? Why are they yelling at me over a cup color? Will, they ever eat a meal I cook


Ever hear of the terrible 2's or terrible 3's? Toddlers are slowly learning independence and don't have the language or emotional maturity to communicate their wants and needs. Together we can get to the root of your child's tantrum and build skills to limit future outburst

Picky Eating

Toddlers are constantly growing and learning what they like and don't like. Let's discuss picky eaters together. Learn why our toddlers who once ate everything are now so picky and how to encourage healthy eating habits.

Learning Our Own Triggers

While learning about these common toddler traits and many more, it's important to learn and work on our own triggers as parents. Often times when we become parent our own childhood traumas, or anxieties can surface. This is a safe place to learn and work through these feelings and gain skills to overcome them.


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