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Catching up!

Hello world! I decided to do a post to catch you all up on whats been going on in the world. After all thats what blogs are for, right?

To start, I have been trying to live simple as I figure out this doula & parent educator thing. My goal is to be a virtual presence to you all and I realized, I have not been being very present. How can I help if you don't know that I am here?

I have been learning how to navigate the social media world with posts on instgram and facebook and realize I have been completely forgetting this part right here. I get random tidbits, thoughts, musings stuck in my head about childbirth, baby feeding, pregnancy, child development stuck in my head ALL THE TIME with no place to put it. Maybe thats what I should be blogging about? What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

Personally, I have been just living my life the best I can in the time of COVID. I am doing my best to homescool my children, lead girl scouts, and still find ME time. Which can be difficult at times. But I manage - I will write more about that later. Maybe some personal acheivements as well, working on my garden with my kids, some craft/art projects I have been working on? What about you? What have you been working on? Image of me and my kids exploring the PNW in the rain yesterday. We love being outside.

Lets start a conversation I hate posting AT people, I like talking WITH people.

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