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Cutest Turkey Ever!

fun preschool craft

Today, my sons preschool did the cutest preschool turkey project and I had to share. It is a hand print pine cone turkey and it is super simple to do on your own.


  1. brown construction paper

  2. find a large pine cone from nature

  3. half a brown pipe cleaner

  4. self sticking google eyes

  5. small blop of play dough

How to:

  1. trace your child’s hands, cut out (or help cut out) and decorate with glitter

  2. when dry staple in a fanned out manner and stick in the back of your pine cone (use a bit of glue if it falls out)

  3. bend pipe cleaner in half, and bend down the tip to resemble a beak,

  4. twist the pipe cleaner on to the top of the pine cone

  5. attach google eyes to pipe cleaner

  6. use the blob of play dough to stabilizepine cone on its side

it is that simple! It was so fun to make in his preschool class today. Sorry for making it short but happy holidays and happy crafting!

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