Rice and Measuring Cups

This is Plain colored rice, but it can be changed up

Do you want to have fun with fall colors, and build your child’s fine motor, cognitive, spacial skills and more? Make some colored rice, add measuring spoons, cups and bowls! It is that easy!

To make colored rice:

You need – rice,  gallon ziplock bags, food color and rubbing alcohol.

What you do – Put 1-2 cups of rice in a ziplock bag. Cover the rice in rubbing alcohol (just enough to coat the rice) add a few drops of food color. Shake it up to coat in color. Let sit, the longer it sits, the darker the color. After you get the color you want, pour out onto paper towels to dry. Repeat with as many colors of your choice.

You can make rice for any holiday color, in your child’s favorite color etc. You can add to it by adding bits of party confetti.

I make sensory tubs for my son out of shallow storage containers, about 4 inches deep and 6-10 quart in size for one child to play with solo.

Add in:

  1. Small animals for imaginative open ended play

  2. Measuring devices for small motor, spacial skills,