Postpartum Doula

Why Miss Sally as your Postpartum Doula?

Miss Sally is the ultimate support person for postpartum. With her 20 years of experience helping new parents and working with families (birth to 5), she is educated and experienced to answer (most) your questions (I am human, too), help your older siblings transition into their role, and is ready to help you and your parenting partner for questions and support.

Miss Sally is ready to help around the house making nutritious food for postpartum recovery, do a light load of dishes, meal prep, and sanitizing those bottles! Also, tackling baby and mom’s laundry. Don’t worry, Miss Sally even cleans the bedsheets while you take a relaxing shower.

Have questions I just can’t answer? We will learn the answers together!

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Mother and Child

"Ms. Sally helped me feel like I could trust my instincts, that I knew what my baby needed when it came to feeding. My baby and I both slept better, feeling more safe and confident in each other." 

J.L. PNW Parent