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Postpartum Doula

Now Booking Through to December

Rates start $40/hr

Hi, I am Miss Sally I come to you with 20 years of experience working with new parents int the 4th trimester and early childhood education. 

I am here to help you with your postpartum journey and recovery. I am experienced working with birthing parents that have had a traumatic childbirth - or past traumas. I am a listening ear, a helping hand, and a compassionate heart. 


My goal for your family is to help nurture you while you heal. I am here to help with laundry, holding and feeding the baby, sterilizing bottles, making and prepping meals, playing with siblings, light loads of laundry and dishes, and helping you manage self-care (showers, naps, meditation, and more). A new baby is a lot of work and it takes a village. I am honored to be in your village today.

Right now I am only scheduling for day time postpartum hours

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What Does a Postpartum Doula Do? 

A postpartum doulas' role is to help your family with the 4th trimester and their specific needs. Each family's needs may vary depending on the family dynamic. Postpartum doulas are training in supporting bodies after birth while giving you physical, and emotional support after the birth of a baby. A doula will use evidence-based information when providing help.

Typical postpartum doula support might include.

  • May offer breastfeeding support, resources, and information

  • Helping with newborn care, such as diaper changes, naps, and feedings

  • Can provide resources for related care including lactation, pelvic floor support specialist, mental health providers and pediatricians 

  • Doulas can help you learn many ways to soothe your baby and promote bonding

  • Provide care for the baby so parents can take a nap, shower, or eat a meal

  • Help with post-birth comfort measures 

  • Offering physical support after cesarean delivery

  • Making meals, and meal prep

  • Keeping the water bottle full - and maybe some tea too :) 

  • Sibling support/care

  • Taking care of light household cleaning, such as dishes, tidying up, and laundry


Who Needs a Postpartum Doula?

Everyone having a baby needs a doula! Support from a postpartum doula can help ease the transition for first-time parents and for those growing to a family with other children. You can hire a doula for a few days, a few weeks, the full 4th trimester, and some people even hire a postpartum doula for a full year. Some doulas will provide overnight care so parents can get a restful sleep


Research shows that parents who get support during the postpartum period benefit in several ways: 

  • Parents feel more secure in their roles as parents and cared for.

  • Adapting to a new member of the family is an easier transition.

  • Breast/Chest feeding is more successful.

  • Higher self-confidence is reported.

  • Reduced risk of postpartum depression/anxiety.

  • Fewer chances of abuse happening in the family.

Other birth and postpartum services that I can provide are Reiki and Meditation:

Reiki has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy and childbirth. Reiki been has shown to reduce trauma responses in the body, reduce labor and birthing pain, and reduce instances of new or reoccurring trauma. Reiki also benefits bonding, and milk flow through stress reduction. Reiki coupled with mindful meditations can help with positive affirmations and visualizations during pregnancy, birth, and labor. Reikie and meditation do not manipulate the body in any way so it poses no threat to the birthing parent or baby.

I have studied herbalism and can suggest herbal remedies to the best of my knowledge, informing you of any side effects and contraindications that I am aware of. 

**Disclaimer** I am not qualified to prescribe medication of any kind and it is you the client to research said herbal remedies with the understanding that they have some varied effects on people.

J.C. PNW Parent

"Ms. Sally helped me feel like I could trust my instincts, that I knew what my baby needed when it came to feeding. My baby and I both slept better, feeling more safe and confident in each other." 

Satori W. 

I hired Sally as my doula after my fifth baby was born. Sally was so reliable, always easy to coordinate with, extremely helpful with my family and just so supportive, often intuitively knowing what was needed. She helped things stay tidy and gave my older kids attention and support. When I needed encouragement Sally was my cheerleader! She is a very special doula! I highy recommend hiring her!


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