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Alternative Therapy

Reiki & Energy Work

Reiki has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in pregnancy and childbirth. Reiki been has shown to reduce trauma responses in the body, reduce labor and birthing pain, and reduce instances of new or reoccurring trauma. Reiki also benefits bonding, and milk flows through stress reduction. Reiki coupled with mindful meditations can help with positive affirmations and visualizations during pregnancy, birth, and labor. Reiki and meditation do not manipulate the body in any way so it poses no threat to the birthing parent or baby.

Reiki and other forms of energy work can be used to help work through trauma, anxiety, stress, and more. I use a combination of energy work, crystals, and meditation. 

I am trained and certified Reiki Healer and have dedicated time and energy to healing energy since the early 2000's. In 2022 I decided to merge my reiki practice with my doula and family education practice. 


Guided meditation can help with birth visualization, healing postpartum or other past trauma, and manifesting your life goals. 

I am a frequent meditator for my own self and well-being. I use meditation often along with several grounding techniques in parent coaching. Many of my clients say it helps them work through tough moments, facilitates breakthroughs, and has given them skills in moments of anxiety to find their center and remain calm, centered, and in control. 

Meditation is a great tool that can be used universally through all lifestyles and religious beliefs.

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Spa and Wellness

Herbology & Aromatherapy

Its no secret plants have healing powers. Most of my services for herbology and aromatherapy at this time are on a consulting level while I get my apothecary set up. 

I work a lot with healing herbs for injury, cold care, menstrual health, hormone health, and more. I love herbs as they can be more gentle than pharmaceuticals. Herbs can also complement an existing regimen - please consult your doctor before adding herbs if you are on prescription medication to rule out conflicting side effects. 

Aromatherapy has been shown in studies to alter mood and body energy. Some essential oils can even boost the immune system, promote labor, provide labor comfort, and more. 


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