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Parent Tool: Letting Go

This week's parenting tip is "Letting Go"

Let go of power struggles and allow children to take responsibility for their actions. This is particularly helpful if you face power struggles, nagging, threatening, or scolding. It is not abandoning your child but allowing them to be responsible for their actions.

Take small steps - you don't have to let go of everything simultaneously. Pick one battle.

Take time to train your child on how to do this independently and then step back.

Allow your child to make mistakes, and allow them to learn from the mistakes. "What could you have done differently?"

Tips to help let go:

  • Have your children become active in solving the problem.

  • With your children, create a routine.

  • Have faith in your children's ability.

  • Be okay with it getting worse before it gets better.

Once a decision has been made, follow through—don't rescue, and do not use phrases such as "I told you so."

Have you used this tip? Share your success story below.

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