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Childbirth class Miss Sally
Miss Sally Postpartum Doula
Learning Childbirth Anatomy

Hello! I am Miss Sally - I am called that from my many years working in preschool and the name just followed me into doula work. I am excited to provide family education and doula support in the Pacific Northwest. Since I was little, I have had a passion for working with families, babies, and small children. I started my journey as a babysitter, mother's helper, and briefly without really knowing it - a peer postpartum doula for teens my age. I jumped into a career as an early childhood educator before I left high school and eventually was leading my own classrooms and in 2011 I had my own school. This also began my parent education career as many parents asked me questions about child development and discipline. I became a certified Positive Discipline Educator and parent coach. When my own children got older, I felt the need to move them closer to their families, and I moved from Seattle to a rural area a few hours away closer to family. In our new area, I started to work with families again, then felt the pull into doula work. I started my training, and then covid came - at which time I started teaching and working with families virtually.

Right now, I work with families as an educator (both parenting and birth classes) and coach, and as a fertility through postpartum doula. I also provide peer lactation support, reiki energy work, herbal consulting, and meditation guidance. When I am not working with families, I am with my children (we are a homeschooled family). I am a Girl Scout Leader and a Volunteer with the BSA. I love gardening, crafting, hiking, and being outdoors.

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Can you answer yes to any of these questions?
Are you a new parent or expecting and have questions?
Do you need a childbirth class?
Need help with nursing or bottle feeding?
Looking to eat healthy during pregnancy and after?
Do you have a toddler who is struggling to toilet train?
Are you feeling doubtful about your parenting journey?
Do you need help finding tools other than yelling or spanking? 
Do you just have questions - like "is this normal?"

Miss Sally has been helping families for 20 years with families from pregnancy and beyond answer these questions and more. Miss Sally is available virtually to teach, coach, guide, and listen to you and your unique story. Get answers, gain confidence, grow your family!

Miss Sally teaches all of her classes with mindfulness. She teaches parents how to use mindfulness in all aspects of parenting from pregnancy, to infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. She teaches parents how to be mindful in their daily practices for peace of mind and stress-free home.

Miss Sally's methods are holistic online and in person, and she is respectful of all family lifestyles. Her classes are a judgment-free, safe space for families to learn grow and share. 

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