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Potty Training Journal 1

For the last few months my daughter (who is 17 months old) has had interest in the potty (off and on). She wants to sit on the potty with success at times, and wear underwear like a big girl. One day she actually screamed at me until I put underwear on her instead of a diaper. In 15 minutes however, she wet it.

The cycle continued 4 more times until she was just so frustrated with the process she cried for the diaper. She just snuggled in to me and asked to nurse. The whole process was so draining, she really wanted to pee on the potty, and was sad that she missed. She was just 15 months old then.

Just now I took off her diapers and she started to pee, she raced to the potty and sat down with no success. I was proud. It was the first time in the middle of peeing she realized in the moment she needed to go to the potty.

After she started her interest in the potty I took out all my research notes of when my son started to potty train to remind my self: Many studies by physicians show that children can not control the muscles for using the bathroom until 18 months.

There is a switch in their body that allows them to actually hold the pee for longer periods of time and release it when they want to. Well no wonders at 15 months she had kept wetting herself. Her body didn’t have the capability to do what she wanted it to do.

I know she will have better success as time goes on and when she reaches that 18 month mark. I am excited to see her grow and learn each day.

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