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Perinatal Classes

Childbirth + Newborn Care

Classes are taught online and in person.

About the Classes

This Class touches your heart, mind, and body and is easy to understand. Through experiential teaching, you and your partner will gain the skills to give birth, thrive postpartum, and care for your newborn.  These classes help familiarize you with relaxation techniques to help you labor easier in a birthing space of your choosing. It gives your partner the skills they need to coach you through it physically and emotionally confidently. You will get to practice labor positions, comfort techniques, and how to follow your intuition. 


My clients have shared that my teaching style allows them to receive the information in a relatable and easy-to-understand manner. This promotes application and success with the ideas and methods that I teach.

Gain the opportunity to practice soothing techniques. Essential newborn care skills will also be practiced, ensuring you feel confident caring for your little one. Feeding positions will be demonstrated, discussed, and practiced, allowing you to become familiar with nourishing your baby while promoting comfort and bonding. Furthermore, you will have the chance to learn about the safe loading of babies into car seats, explore the various safety features of these seats, and discover ergonomic carrying positions. 

A postpartum checklist will be completed to provide you with peace of mind. This checklist ensures you have all the essential items you need upon discharge from the hospital, allowing you to focus on your recovery and the joy of embracing your new role as a parent.

These classes offer a comprehensive and immersive experience, equipping you and your partner with the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to navigate the transformative journey of labor, birth, and early parenthood.

At this time we only have our online class available. 

Pregnancy Exercise
Pregnant belly

Childbirth Class

This class is a practical look at birth in the home, hospital, or in a midwife facility. We will go over comfort measures in labor, your postpartum experience in the first 6 weeks, and introduce the basics of breastfeeding and newborn care (full newborn care class coming soon) 


This Class is 4 weeks in person.

We will cover:

  1. Week One Introduction: Welcome & Introduction: Pregnancy and Labor

  2. Week Two: Medications & Interventions and Their Risks

  3. Week Three: The Postpartum Experience & Your Newborn

  4. Week Four: Feeding your Baby, Safe sleep practices, and car seat - bringing baby home

Newborn Care

Our next class is offered online. 


This class is a practical hands-on look at life with an infant for newborn care in the first few months after birth. This includes the basics of lactation and postpartum self-care.


1. Postpartum care for Birther and Partner, Soothing techniques for newborns


2, Daily care: sleeping and sleep safety, bathing and diapering, feeding, and health

3. Growth and Development: Milestones, When to call the dr vs ER

4. Parenting Styles

Newborn Baby
Anchor 1
Prenatal Yoga with Laptop
Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Childbirth + Newborn Care Class Combo

This Online Class is a combination of both Childbirth and Newborn Care. It offers a $100 discount to sign up

See the link below for class dates and to sign up today!

This combined class has the best of childbirth and newborn care bundled into one course - while still including breastfeeding support


Week One Introduction: Welcome & Introduction: Pregnancy and Labor

Week Two: Medications & Interventions and Their Risks

Week Three: The Postpartum Experience & Your Newborn

Week Four: Postpartum at Home

Week Five: Baby Safety

 Benefits and challenges of breastfeeding

Week Six: Baby’s Physical Development

Week Seven: Importance of self-care

J. Cawley, PNW Parent

Being my doula Sally has been very on top of addressing questions and worries, directing me to options to discuss with my midwife, and ensuring that I was going to be as prepared as possible for my upcoming birth! The classes would have been AMAZING had they been an option for me for my first birth.


Even though this is my second child having a refresher course was very needed, and still pointed out one or two little facts that I had forgotten.


The material was presented in a direct and helpful way, any questions were encouraged and answered or looked into. 



Sally was very helpful when I had to leave a class early by sending me the slides of what I missed! So even if something crops up, she was very accommodating. 

Nicole J.Johnson, Doula and Birth Instructor

Sally had a lot of great information that I wasn’t familiar with.  I feel much more confident after taking her childbirth class

Leshay, Childbirth Instructor and Doula

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