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Childbirth Education

Message for upcoming classes and dates

Are you looking to be empowered and an expert in your own birth experience? This class is for you! Birth is a sacred path and I am excited to be part of the journey. Offered 1 on 1 or in a group this 4 week class will cover:

  1. Week One Introduction: Welcome & introduction: Pregnancy and Labor

  2. Week Two: Medications & Interventions and Their Risks

  3. Week Three: The Postpartum Experience & Your Newborn

  4. Week Four: Baby Safety & Feeding

Preparing for Labor

  • Physiology of pregnancy

  • Changes in late pregnancy and pre-term labor signs

  • The stages of labor: Practice Labor positions

  • When to come to the hospital, what to bring

  • Giving birth: Natural Childbirth

  • Comfort measures and role of coaches

  • Breathing techniques

Baby Safety and Feeding

  • Safe sleep practices, transporting babies, babies and pets etc.

  • Benefits and challenges of breastfeeding

  • Learning how to breastfeed: positioning, latching, frequency

  • Recognizing when help is needed, where to get help

  • Pumping and milk storage, supplementing

Medications and Interventions

  • Review of breathing techniques

  • Medications options for labor, including epidural

  • Medical interventions during labor & birth

  • Cesarean Sections

  • Risks of procedures

Every Week

Every week we will start with relaxing breathing, finding our center, and check-in on how pregnancy is going, if there are any questions or reviews needed for the previous week.  Classes are trauma informed and mindful.

Classes will be 2 to 3 hours long. 

The Postpartum Experience

  • After birth physical recovery

  • Importance of proper nutrition

  • Postpartum blues and depression 

  • Family &sibling adjustment, time management.

  • Baby’s first few hours, hospital routines, and tests

  • Typical baby features

  • Caring for your baby

  • Comforting your baby

One Day Workshop

  • Upon special request, this class can be hosted for 1 day, In an 8-hour, condensed class

Sally had a lot of great information that I wasn’t familiar with.  I feel much more confident after taking her childbirth class.

— Nicole J.Johnson, Doula and Birth Instructor

— Lashay Kennedy, Doula and Birth Instructor

Being my doula Sally has been very on top of addressing questions and worries, directing me to options to discuss with my midwife, and ensuring that I was going to be as prepared as possible for my upcoming birth! The classes would have been AMAZING had they been an option for me for my first birth.


Even though this is my second child having a refresher course was very needed, and still pointed out one or two little facts that I had forgotten.


The material was presented in a direct and helpful way, any questions were encouraged and answered or looked into. 



Sally was very helpful when I had to leave a class early by sending me the slides of what I missed! So even if something crops up, she was very accommodating. 

— J. Cawley. PNW Parent

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