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Lately, my son has had a hard time with transitions. He is 3, and expecting a new baby sister, getting to the age of preschool and daddy started a new job. He should have a hard time with transitions.

This summer he started a summer camp preschool and I tried to explain this to the staff (they will be his preschool teachers in the fall) and all they could say is “Oh, He’ll be fine” as a VERY educated parent. I know that he will be fine, if proper things to accommodate/acknowledge his feelings and current development stage (how he transitions) are done.

I mostly want to hear from the staff what they DO in order to help a child who is feeling insecure and not totally comfortable with going to school. How do they make them feel welcome in the class, how do they establish that comfort zone. I TOO as a parent want to hear this for my reassurance.

I know that children can take time to adjust, and some are faster than others. I know I take special steps in my class if I have a student who is not feeling 100%. I tell the parent who expresses concern. Even if the child has “fine” day. I let them know in detail how their child’s day went. This can have some relief to parents.

I really would like my son to have a learning experience away from me as his main teacher, and I will give this new preschool a month (the longest transition time it should take to adjust) and see how he does.

I am just not comfortable with a preschool that can’t communicate on my level to alievate my parental fears. I need more than “He’ll be fine” I expect any parent to need more, and they should get more.

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