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family wellness


Miss Sally's Parenting and Doula Services, where you have a parent coach, perinatal doula, and family educator at your fingertips!

Serving families in the PNW and virtually.

My clients have consistently praised my teaching style, emphasizing how it enables them to grasp information in a relatable and easily understandable manner. This approach allows me to demonstrate the application of concepts and methods, and clients can utilize the material and feel successful.

Fall Schedule

Parent Education stars September 14

Childbirth Starts September 15

Newborn Care starts September 16

Fall Classes for Childbirth and Newborn Care Click Here

Fall Classes for Parent Education Click Here

Pregnant woman and husband. Perinatal.


Perinatal Nutrition

Childbirth Education

Birth Doula Care

Newborn Baby, postpartum, infant care, doula


Newborn Classes

Perinatal Nutrition

Postpartum Doula Care

Family, coaching, family education


Parent Education & Coaching

Child Development Sessions

Relaxation, meditation, reki, herbal, wellness


Reiki and Energy Work


Herbology and Aromatherapy

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