Create a learning space at home

Updated: Apr 16, 2021

Space set up: Typically, I would try to dedicate a space in the house just for learning. A place to hang posters, a place the children can claim as their learning space. Right now, in our home, as well as many homes this is just a tricky thing to make happen. Right now, I have a dining room table, they have desks in their rooms. This is our learning space. Our dining room table is our family communal space, but it is our classroom, our art studio, our sensory space, and our science lab. It's also where we eat dinner and play board games.

This new schooling is tough, it is not our normal homeschooling.

Normally, we would have extra activities, field trips to the mountains, national parks, museums, and libraries. We miss karate, dance, and scouts. Sadly, due to COVID my daughter has missed her first tournament and will be missing a dance recital she has worked so hard on. My scout leaders and I have been trying to find a way to schedule scouts online with minimal success.

This article will be all about how to set up learning at home, the reality stay in place or quarantine learning is not a true reflection of homeschool life. The reality is, I can give you an idea of how to keep basic skills growing and to help make a bad situation better.

To set up your home for homeschooling basics is simple – you need a cozy place to cuddle and read, you need a sturdy place for writing and computer use. Simple and basic. My children each have a desk in their rooms and we use the dining room table. For stories, we sit at the table, sit at the couch, and snuggles at bedtime.