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Fall Leaves

There are many activities to do with your fall leaves, what will yours be?

I hope you are all enjoying this fall weather. Just in a matter of days the leaves that were still green are now a nice orange. The wind is blowing and those leaves are falling (so is the rain). For a fun fall adventure, take your child out for a nature walk, collect a variety of leaves in all shapes, colors and sizes.

When you get home, you can build your little ones vocabulary with these simple activities:

Compare and Contrast the leaves. Which are the same shape, same size, different size, different color etc. How many combinations can you make. This is a great activity, it builds color and shape recognition, vocabulary, and size recognition.

Make a Chart. If your child is big enough, trace the leaf, and color its color and write down it’s descriptive words. Another classification, and vocabulary builder 🙂

Build a Pattern. Take it to another level. Create patterns with your leaves (if you collected enough). Start a pattern that repeats 1 or 2 times and ask your child to repeat the sequence once or twice. This builds your child’s math skills and shape recognition skills.

Make fall leaf collage. Add some construction paper and glue to the mix. When you are done with sorting, categorizing, and comparing, collect more items from out side like fun shaped twigs and small pine cones. Glue them and your leaves to your construction paper. If you want, have your child add descriptive words to your picture, about what they think fall is all about and what they think of it

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