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Halloween Safety

Our Halloween last year, He was a lion, and painted my face 🙂

Halloween can be a fun time of dress up, imagination and of course a night of Trick-o-Treating. But how do we keep our kids safe on this busy night with streets filled with pedestrians? Here are a few tips, for your to use, and of course, your own parental judgement 🙂

  1. Stay in places you are familiar with – This is a time to be safe, stay in your neighborhood, only trick o treat from houses/neighborhoods you know.

  2. Attend a safe Halloween for your younger kids – they can still enjoy this time in a lit time of day, and should be less scary and full of kids the same age.

  3. Stay on sidewalks – There are lots of cars, on the roads at night that can’t see you or your child very well especially if it is raining. Also, staying on sidewalks, rather than cutting through yards is a safety thing, you don’t know what they have in their yard you can trip on.

  4. Stay in a well lit area – don’t go to houses that are dark and you can’t see to get to. A few reasons for this fist, porch light out, normally means, they don’t want to be bothered. Second, you can’t see if there are obstacles, or animals such as dogs, that can be dangerous.

  5. Light your kids up – this will increase their visibility to other trick o treaters, you, and traffic

  6. Establish rules – if you have older kids going out for the first time alone or with a group (even if their is an adult) establish rules, you want them to follow. (don’t eat any candy til you are home, stay in your group, do not enter strangers houses, etc)

  7. Maximize your child’s visibility – paint the face instead of using a mask

  8. Inspect the candy – unfortunatly, you don’t knkow what a stranger will do to your kids candy, always inspect pieces first, and only eat home made ones from people you really trust. Use the rule “when in doubt, throw it out”

I am sure there are more guidelines I can post, but with these and your best judgement, you are sure to have a happy and safe Halloween!

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