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Is Green Poop Normal??

Is green poop normal??

There are many reasons for your baby's poop to be green, and it is not always a reason to be concerned. Let's look at some reasons:

1. You are breastfeeding and have eaten a lot of leafy greens. That chlorophyll has seeped into your breastmilk and into your baby's digestive tract. It's like your baby ate a big salad! This can also happen once you start a solid food diet and your baby has eaten green beans, peas, or spinach.

2. A food intolerance - could also be from a parent's medication. This can be an indicator of a cow dairy allergy and can sometimes be accompanied by eczema.

3. Not enough milk intake - if this is coupled with not enough soiled diapers, weight loss, and fussiness contact an IBCLC and your pediatrician

4. Iron supplement - if baby or mom is taking an iron supplement it can sometimes make the poop green.

5. Foremilk and Hindmilk Imbalance - Foremilk which comes first in let down is higher sugar content and hindmilk which comes after a few minutes of nursing is a higher fat content. This would be an indicator of too much foremilk - try pumping a bit first so the hindmilk is more readily accessible.

6. Illness - if the green poop is accompanied by mucus (and potentially fever) and upset tummy - this is an indicator of stomach illness and the doctor should be consulted.

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