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My Favorite Play Dough Recipe

Yesterday I made a new batch of orange flavored play dough for my son. He played for it for a total of 6 hours yesterday. He is very kinestetic with

his learning, he loves textiles, and hands on stuff. He played squishing it with his whole body, hands and feet. At one point he needed to sit on it to see what that experience was like.

He loves tools with his play dough as well. Right now he is really into learning his alphabet, so we got out the alphabet cutters and he went to town making letters, and squishing them. It was a great experience for him to combine his two passions (hands on and numbers). He just sat playing “this is the G is say gu. This is an A it says A

After his fun day yesterday I had to share this recipe we used. He did help make it, he scooped most of the ingredients, dumped them and stirred it together before I cooked it.

You need:

1 cup flour

1 cup water

1/2 cup salt

2 Tb spoon oil

2 tea spoon cream of tar tar

2 packets of kool aid (purple is very hard to make the color of… it turns out gray)

Mix it together, then stir on medium low heat. Stir constantly. It will thicken up, as it does, it will begin to ball up. When you can touch the dough with ou t it sticking to you it is ready. You know it is getting close to ready when it stops sticking to the spoon. (I use a spoon for mixing, and a scraping spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl and spoon off. )

Kneed out, it will be warm to hot. When a manageable temp, let your kids play. It will smell great and be a fun color. This recipe is good for one month, or until dried out. (I do once a month just for a cleanliness factor). Store in an air tight container

Play with it on its own, with cookie cutters, rollers, stamps and more!

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