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Picnic Time: Keep foods safe when dining outdoors: courtesy of United Healthcare

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I found the following information in a booklet mailed to me from United Healthcare. I wanted to share this valuable information and of course give them due credit for compiling this information.

“Ahh… picnics. What a pleasure — savoring tasty meals in the open air. But, don’t let germs spoil your next outing. Make food safety a staple at every picnic.

When packing up:

  1. Choose mostly foods that don’t need to stay cool, such as bread, peanut butter and whole fruits.

  2. Pack any perishable items in a cooler with plenty of ice. That includes meats, dairy products, and salads containing mayonnaise, meats, eggs, or cup of veggies or fruits.

  3. Bring along alcohol-based hand sanitize or wipes. If soap and water aren’t available, you’ll be able to clean your hands — a must before and after touching food.

At your picnic:

  1. Don’t set food out until it’s time to dig in.

  2. After eating, throw away food that’s been our for more that two hours — or one hour in temperatures of 90°F or warmer.

Eat well, be safe.  Get more tips at

3 tips for coolers

  1. Fill ice chest as full as possible. And, store ice for drinks in separate plastic bags.

  2. Travel with your cooler in the air-conditioned part of your car rather in the hot trunk

  3. At your picnic, place coolers in whatever shade is available.”

I hope you enjoyed these picnic tips from United Healthcare. I know I enjoy a good picnic in the summer and can’t wait to eat it in the shade.

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