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Pumpkin Painting

After a difficult day I decided to take my son for a drive. We wanted to see fall colors. With out finding any fall colored leaves we came across a farm roadside stand. We talked about how farmers grow this food and looked at the different sizes of pumpkins and their different colors. We looked at other fruits and vegetables for dinner and snack. It was a truly great harvest time experience for us.

I told Alexander he could pick out some pumpkins. He was baffled by an albino white pumpkin he said “mommy where is it’s orange?”  I told him some pumpkins are different colors. He insisted that he get that white pumpkin for painting so we got it 🙂

At home I got out our tempera paints and told him to pick what colors he wanted, he picked green, brown, and orange. I let him go to town. His pumpkin is moslty green and mud colored now but he had a blast painting it.  (I wish I had a picture of it!)

This was a great project for us. He got to see where the pumpkin comes from, see and feel different textures of pumpkins (we took many home for a sensory bin, along with dried corn) and he got to make the project his own by painting it. I love how we are just growing on this theme at preschool and at home and making it very hands on! (and a little messy)

In a week his preschool is going to the pumpkin farm so he will get to experience more of what him and I already experienced on this road sign stand and grow on it by actually going into the field and picking a big pumpkin for carving.

Alexander in Pumpkin Patch 2010

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