Reducing Stress and Anxiety

Right now the world is in crisis, a pandemic. People are working from home, or not at all. Children are schooling from home. Grocery stores and pharmacies are limiting people inside and small businesses are shutting down. Each day the news changed about the status of what we as a society were allowed to do. The rules kept changing, our routines were disrupted, the rules changed again. Uncertainty became the new norm. Humans, some more than others, need routine in order to have calmness, to have clarity, to feel human.

Many may have noticed a sense of stress, anxiety, worry creep upon them. Some may not know what that feels or looks like because it is so new – they have not experienced this. It can come in many forms including irritability, irregular eating, and sleeping, racing thoughts, you may or may not experience disassociation. There are so many more things these are just a few – why do we have them? Because the world is unbalanced and the rules have changed.

While trying to establish a new learning routine, your children may be feeling these things, but not be able to voice them. You as a parent on top of your feelings of uncertainty may be facing children who are weepy, or angry, or outright defiant. Setting up learning time may prove to be difficult.