Terrible 2’s? HA! I Have a 3 Year Old

Mommy Look at Me I am Sitting!

While a kid and growing up I was always told about the terrible 2’s and the havic they play on your house and your stress levels. My mom always said “No, the 2’s aren’t bad, you must look out for the 3’s”. I was skeptical of my moms warning as I reached adulthood and became a mother and early childhood educator, the terrible two warning came more and more.

You know what? My mother was right, and many other mothers my age are agreeing, the 2’s are not that bad. They may tear up your house and knock things down making complete messes. Don’t forget about the occasional tantrum (my son rarely had a tantrum).

2’s are all about learning the environment learning the rules of the world and making mom and dad happy. The 3’s are about building language and using it to assert independence from parents. My three year old is using his new language to assert his place in the world and be a big boy. This comes with more tantrums and whining than I have ever seen from a 2 year old.

The big issue is, he knows what he wants now, he can see how adults do things and he goes for it. His mind is too big for his body. He thinks he can do so much that a big kid or an adult can do, but he can’t. This causes immense

frustration and confusion.

Ways to combat this is present things to your 3 year old (or your 2 year old if they show interest) that they can do.

My 3 year old really wants to help with dinner and learn to c