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What to blog? An Introduction.


I am Miss Sally, I wanted to start blogging again, I briefly did this summer at the beginning of COVID, before I completely rebranded. I was in a creative block and did and couldn't continue with what I was writing - I may repost them here as new blogs again, I am not sure yet.

Lately, I have been feeling inspired again, and ready to go with moving forward as a doula, a parent educator, and the like. I still am missing my blogging element. I remember once a long time ago, I enjoyed my blog. So I brought it back to life on this website. I imported my blog that has not been used in near a decade. It's serving as an inspiration for me, and who knows maybe for you too. Much of it was written when my own children were infants and toddlers, therefore relevant to doula work, parent education, and the like.

I plan to write about my life as a mom, my life as a doula and parent educator, and other fun things along the way. I hope you enjoy what I have here so far!

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