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Whats in Your Rainy Day Basket? Here is What is in Mine

In our fort, Alexander stickered my face

Its that time of year, when rain and soon snow are going to be keeping us all inside. Are you ready for it? Nothing is worse than being stuck inside with a child (or your self) who is board. It is a recipe for a messy house and short tempers. Check out what is in my rainy day basket and add your suggestions below in the comments

  1. Coloring books and art supplies – have special items that only get to come out when it is raining or snowy and you are stuck inside. These will be more exciting and new to your child if they are not common. What a special treat getting into the special art box.

  2. Play dough – I can never stress enough the awesomeness of play dough. It is sensory on so many levels, children and adults, thrive on sensory. You can make it fun and cook play dough together as part of your rainy day experience. Add scent (kool-aid, or candy flavoring), sparkle (glittler or party confetti) or what ever else you can think of.

  3. Bake – you can bake items from scratch and have your child messure out the ingredients, or you can keep boxes in your pantry of cupcakes, muffins, cookies etc. Be chefs for a day, have fun decorating when your done 🙂

  4. Forts – Do you remember doing this as a kid? Breaking out bed sheets and making a tent in your living room or dinning room and camping out in your tent or fort. I loved doing this as a child, pass along the tradition and show your child how to enjoy this experience. Bring in flashlights, sleeping bags, pack water bottles and go on a wild adventure of exploration.

  5. Board games – if your child is old enough, card and board games can be lots of fun and take up hours of time in just play time fun.

  6. Sensory bin – have a small seal-able container/bin full of sensory items. Fill it with rice, oatmeal, cornmeal, bubbles etc. You can add in favorite toys such as trucks, babies, measuring cups etc.

These are just a few things I use on a rainy day. I hope you enjoy them with your children even for a few minutes in between getting your own work done. Did I miss anything? Share below 🙂

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