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5 Learning Activities To Do With Plastic Egs

Easter is finally over, and your have all those plastic Easter eggs, now what do you do with them? Throw them out, of course not, we reuse them in an egg lesson plan. Here are 5 activities you can do at home or in your classroom.

1. Egg Math: Put several objects into the eggs, have children guess how many things are inside. Let them feel, compare, listen etc. Record each child’s guess for each colored egg. Then open each egg and count how many objects were inside. Record the number, then compare your guesses to the actual number

2. Literacy: Upper and lowercase letter match up.  You will need an even number of eggs for this project. Put an upper case letter (can be printed and cut out from computer or hand written) in eggs, and lower case in the rest. You can use egg  cartons to store these, just label them Aa – Gg and so on. This ensures, not to many letters will be used at one time. Experiment with how your child’s memory is with egg carton size (6, 12 or 18)

3. Music shakers: You will need various things from the kitchen to put in the eggs (dried peas, and beans, noodles of varying sizes). Each object will make a different sound when shook. you will also need glue to seal the eggs shut. Kids can help measure the the dried goods into the eggs. When it is all dry you have a nice eggy music time (great for small hands to hold)

4.Sensory bin: Place eggs and basket grass and small animals into a sensory bin. Children can play, scoop, hide and play with the eggs and animals in the grass.

5. Math (again): Pattern creating, glue in eggs to cartons in a pattern, have the children complete the pattern with loose eggs. Start simple with an AA pattern (all one color) then go to an AB or AAB or an ABC pattern. Combinations are endless, just work with in your child’s comfort level.

You can always find new idea’s and variations to these projects, maybe instead of upper and lowercase letters, you can do shapes, objects, numbers and more for an egg memory. think of what else you can put in the shakers, or how else you can take patterning to the next level. Its up to you to decide and to create. Enjoy!

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