Its been a long week. 4 simple ways to keep sane

I had lists of lesson plans completed that just needed typed up. I had blog topics ready to go. I had crafting activities to do with my son all ready to go. However, my brain was so stressed out from a family situation, and my pregnant brain, all I could do was live moment to moment (so I apologize for lack of fun and creative activities this last week and a half).

I think it is normal to have weeks like that. While in the moment we can be flustered, or embarrassed that we as parents feel that way.  We may need help but be too prideful to ask, or just not have anyone to ask for help with basic things or to get a break during the week.

A few things I have learned:

  1. Take time for you. Even if you are alone with your child, and you are just living in the moment of getting by is still take a moment for yourself, even if it is just time to breath for a minute or ten. Give your little one a safe activity, you know is always (or typically) a favorite that they can do solo. For my son it is playdough.

  2. Communicate. Call a friend, or talk to your spouse when they are home. Tell them both the good and bad about your day. Ask to hear about their day. Keeping communication open will give you time to reconnect with humanity and save sanity. If you don’t have this ability, join a moms play group or online social network group and make time for communication after your child is asleep

  3. Nourish your self. While it may be easy to remember to feed your child, your mood, functionality, energy level and over all stress level can be affected by what you eat, when you eat etc. Making sure your glucose levels are at a good place and you are hydrated will go a long way. Remember to eat good and healthy foods and avoid junk foods (junk in you, make you feel like junk is in you and will worsen the problem)

  4. Enjoy. The day may not be going as you plan