Object Permanency



She is getting into everything, she especially loves crinkly things, the tv remote, and my phone (things that light up when you push a button) Before I could hide them, now however, she will continue to pursue after them.

This is a great time to help strengthen this ability and developmental milestone by playing games, such as hiding a toy under a cloth and having her lift the cloth to find the toy, playing peekaboo, and wears the baby.

This new skill however, has also caused some difficult factors, now that she has an understanding that when I leave a room I am still there, or when she wakes up at night and can’t find me, she will fuss more in order to find me. For this I try to keep a familiar item near her for comfort til I can get there. I also try and talk to her and ensure her “mommy is coming” All in all this means she will eventually have an increased sense of security and safety (knowing mom/dad always comes back)

The only other down fall is, she now knows her food is there at all times, and will try and find it when she is hungry. Fun for me!

Other than that it is great to know she is developing right on cue and is healthy.