Pregnant, on bed rest, with a very active 3 yr old

I am 23 weeks pregnant, on modified bed rest for pain and I have a very active, very imaginative and very demanding 3 year old. Yet, some how I manage to keep my self sane and keep my kid happy. This is not an easy task, I do it with a loving husband, supportive family (who lets me vent) and a team of doctors/professional who help manage my pain levels and give me encouragement. 

How do I coupe alone at home?

As I am restricted to bed about 75% of the time, and that time is quickly increasing as I am reaching my third trimester. I have found ways to coupe at home to keep me and my preschooler happy. First off, I do get up when absolutely nessasary, such as to go potty, refill our drinks and to prepair actual meals. Second, I bring to me what is going to be needed so I can limit my time up.

By my bedside I have a stash of non perishable goods like apple sauce, fruit snacks, individually wrapped crackers, etc. I also keep clean utensils, a garbage and dirty dish bin. As they get full, I take them to their proper places on one of my up trips, or my husband takes them after he gets home.

I also keep by my bedside: games, coloring book and crayons, flash cards, toys and other things to keep my son entertained. Yes at times, I do allow tv but try to keep it in moderation, and educational. We always turn the show into a game when we are done watching. Thankfully, he is into things that are all about letters and learning to read.

I also keep things to keep me entertained, such as magazines, books, crocheting etc.

I am also blessed with a live in relative, my brother. He goes to school most days of the week and soon school will be all he does, but on his days off, he is kind and allows me to nap if I need to. I still take the brunt of the work with my son, but he gives me a break and does mild house work and kid care 🙂

How I do Outings: