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Simple Flannel Story Boards — For Cheap!

I love flannel story boards, they are a great way to turn your favorite stories into an interactive experience with your child or to use in your circle time.

I have always wanted a larger flannel board, but they cost so much. I decided to make one. I went to the craft store yesterday with my son to get him a crafting project for him and decided to stalk up on flannel/felt sheets (I make my own pieces for stories too) I saw that they had yardage prepackaged ($2.99), and in the next isle, foam presentation boards (also 2$.99). So I got them.

when I got home I placed the board in the middle of the felt, and left 1-2 inches on the edge, and started to hot glue the corners down (opposing corners, and pulling tight, much like recovering a chair seat cover) then when it was all pulled tight I glued down the edges. If you want a clean finish, cover the back with a sturdy paper, or the edging with ribbon, I left mine as is.

It was that simple, I had a giant flannel board. One thing to keep in mind though, foam board will bend and dent easy, so use care with it 🙂

A larger flannel board for less than $5 and a bit of hot glue and time. My son and I played it for hours. I also made pumpkins, for 5 pumpkins sitting on a gate, and a 3 little pig set. It left him in giggles 🙂

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