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Pumpkins Pumpkins Pumpkins!

October is the season of the pumpkin! Many classrooms are using them for projects and sensory, soon kids all over will be carving faces into jack-o-lanterns and some will be made into pies and breads. But, what else can you do with these pumpkins, or what projects can you do that are inspired by them?

During the month of October I will be dedicating my time to find books, art project inspired by and using pumpkins, as well as finding many recipes to try out for home made pumpkin dishes!

My first project today, is a decorative inspired project for your young preschooler and toddler, a pumpkin tissue paper art piece.

You will need

  1. orange tissue paper cut into squares (1 or 2 inch squares are perfect)

  2. Green tissue (for the stem)

  3. Black tissue paper if you want to make a jack-o-lantern

  4. Liquid glue – elmers washable school glue works great!

  5. Construction or tag board paper, with a pumpkin or jack-o-lantern face drawn on it

  6. Orange Ribbon

The younger your child, the more hands on you will be with them (if you want). Help them spread glue in the areas of the color you are working (or dip each piece into glue, use a small bowl or lid to pour glue for dipping). Have your child crumple the tissue in to a ball or wrap on the end of a pencil to get a cup shape and stick on the glued area.

Continue with all the colors, (black in the jack-o-lantern face if desired, green at the stem)

Cut out along the outside lines of the pumpkin, glue the ribbon on the back, and hang for a festive decoration

Hope you enjoyed this simple project. More to come all month stay posted!

Happy Learning – Mrs. Sally

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